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An unexpected moment. 


After action-packed decades designing graphic arts, several corporate executives felt it was time that my colleagues and I should quietly "retire" to the lakeside.


This doesn’t work. Born with a passion for making things, I am now "warmed-up" to do the best creations of my life. 

Many years of disciplined study are needed to achieve technical mastery.



Telling the story.


As human beings we communicate
in the same “emotional language.” 
When powerful imagery develops,
the artist becomes a great storyteller.

I work diligently and consistently 
in my pine-paneled design studio 
miles down a single-lane dirt road at the edge of magnificent waters.

My "micro" shop offers an ever-growing variety of objets d'art.


I hope you share in my joy.

CG Meeker

Belgrade Lakes, Maine

All Original Artwork & Designs
© MMXX. Lakeside Light Design Studios LLC.

All rights reserved.

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