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Samsung 6

in the

Shell Case.

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The Shell Case
how to put it on or take it off


Please use the original cables

with your case. 



"The Shell" Hard Rubber Cell Phone Case
is semi-permanent and durable.

Once your phone is in this case, we recommend you leave it in the case. However, the case can be removed.

The Shell Case has 2 pieces:
— the hard rubber interior which touches your phone,
— the hard plastic exterior which you hold.


How to remove "The Shell" Hard Rubber Cell Phone Case.


1. Using a tiny screwdriver with a fine tip, take the cell phone case in your hand, turn it so that the bottom is accessible.

Slip the tip of the screwdriver between the rubber inner case and the hard plastic overcase. (The screwdriver tip is not touching your cell phone, just the two parts of the case.)

2. Carefully create a pocket of air between the 2 case parts.
Slowly work the tip of the screwdriver, up the side of the case. This will separated the rubber inner lining from the plastic overcase. Remove the plastic overcase.

Now, the rubber part of the case can safely be removed from your cell phone. You're done!

How to put "The Shell" Hard Rubber Cell Phone Case
onto your phone.


1. Separate the 2 parts of your case;
the rubber inner lining and the hard plastic exterior.

2. Holding the rubber inner lining, align the side buttons of your cell phone with the side buttons of the rubber lining.
(You will see the informational front screen of your cell phone as you do this.)

The rubber will snap into place. Then, with your fingers, make sure the rubber case has a snug fit all around the edges of your phone.

3. Holding the plastic overcase, align the side buttons to those on the rubber inner lining. Now, snap the plastic exterior case onto the rubber case which is now on your phone.

Press the edges of the case so that it is nicely and snugly positioned on your cell phone. You're done!


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