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FAQs. How do we make and ship a cell phone case? How can you care for your case?

Each case has a slight texture due to the dye sublimation process and the metal or plastic that is used. With normal use the surface may get minor scratches. To clean, please wipe down gently with rubbing alcohol or drops of warm, soapy water. Abrasive cleaners or bleach may cause damage. 
Exposure to sunlight for extended periods may fade your image. With a little TLC, you should enjoy your special case for years to come. 

About Your Order

We will email you when payment is completed. It may take up to 5 days for your items to be shipped because all products are made to order. We will try our very best to ship your order the day after we receive it. Each product is individually hand decorated, so please order early if you need it for a specific event, 


The Process

The dye sublimation process embeds color directly into metal or plastic. It will not peel or smudge. It is normal for some cases to occasionally have tiny spots or very minor scratches that can only be seen close up. We reproduce the products as closely as possible to the ones shown here. The colors we display are the ones we use in making your case. Please note: the colors on your computer screen will be different than the colors 
showing on our screen.
 A slight increase of color vividness and richness occurs during the sublimation process. All products are inspected for quality before shipment. We want you to be pleased with your case. 
Though each case can withstand use, please
treat it respectfully. If there are problems within
the first 30 days of purchase, please contact us.


Cases Which Get Lost in the Mail

Happily, this has not happened, yet. And, we are grateful. 
Unfortunately we cannot do much about lost packages except provide the tracking number. Should a package get lost, contact your local post office and please let us know about it. Send us a message with any questions.
We will do a follow-up with the post office from here.


Return Policy

If you have a return, please contact us for a return authorization and we will happily process your return quickly. Please use the Contact page on this website.







Shipping Information


Continental USA. When you place an order, your cell phone case is carefully made, inspected, and packaged within 2-5 days of purchase. It is then shipped to you by USPS First Class. Mailing takes about 3-5 Business days and is tracked. If you need your case

to be shipped within 24 hours, please go to the Contact page and send us a message.

We'll let you know if we are able to meet your special schedule.


Canada. Mailing takes about a week on average. We are not liable for lost mail. 
With international mail we cannot track a package once it leaves the USA.


Elsewhere. Before ordering, please send us a message on the Contact page.
We will try to help you ship to other locations. We cannot ship to every location.

With international mail we cannot track a package once it leaves the USA.




I hope YOU are delighted.

All Original Artwork & Designs
© MMXX. Lakeside Light Design Studios LLC.

All rights reserved.

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